Alternative bed options come and go, from sofa beds to futons, but it all started with the Murphy Wall-Bed. As a child, I remember the Murphy bed comedy skits of “I Love Lucy,” “Red Skelton” etc. and how unique it was to have a bed come out of the wall! By combining today’s technology in Murphy Beds with custom cabinetry the possibilities are unlimited.

Do you want a home office, exercise room etc. but simply do not have the space? Converting an unused guest bedroom to a combination bedroom and office can be done easily and beautifully, with a Murphy Wall-Bed system. A comfortable, full mattress bed can be created and concealed into beautiful furniture in your family room or living room. A place for television, bookshelves, file drawers, and many others can all be incorporated into a Wall-Bed system.

Double twin beds, full, or queen size beds can all be used. Beds can come out of their enclosure vertically or horizontally, depending on the amount of floor space you have available. A horizontal twin bed will require as little as 49″ from the wall to the edge of the mattress. Queen size vertical beds will extend 90″ from the wall to the end of the mattress, so a large room is not required to incorporate a Wall-Bed. An area as small as 107 x 107 will yield a full size bed and 60″ desk arrangement.

Unlike soda beds and futons, the Murphy Wall-Bed does not use a folding mattress so there are no bars or lumps to sleep on. A comfortable mattress, up to 11″ thick, can be used. The mechanisms have been improved to support up to 2,000 pounds, yet is aluminum and light weight. Minimal effort is needed to make the bed appear so it is convenient for all age groups to use.

Whatever the need or space, Murphy Beds can open new options in your home. Available in many sizes and configurations, these versatile systems are available in many woods, styles and finishes. The design professionals at CKB Creations of Punta Gorda, Florida and Oshkosh, Wisconsin will transform unused space into an outstanding home feature. Almost limitless options, colors, woods and designs are possible.


New Showroom in Punta Gorda, Florida

CKB Creations, a Midwest kitchen and bath design studio, is excited to announce the opening of our new branch in Punta Gorda, Florida. Our new location is located at 1133 Bal Harbor Plaza in suite 1121. Walk into the showroom and be treated to vibrant colors, cutting edge design in all of our kitchen and bath displays. As you venture in the studio, you will see home offices, murphy beds, floating vanities, custom and contemporary cabinetry. Our design team is headed up by a National Award Winning Certified Kitchen Designer. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality from start to finish. We look forward to working with you.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to make life easier and better

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to make life easier and better

Making your kitchen function better can make your life better. How? Our population is growing older, and with this our kitchen becomes a more challenging place to be. Kitchen renovations can make your kitchen a place you want to be, and not have to be. Fast food is bad for our health, yet we keep patronizing it. Maybe there would be less fast food and more healthier food if we could use our kitchen more comfortably. A kitchen designer can make your life easier by making your kitchen easier to use. Simple modifications like roll out shelves, which bring the contents of the shelf out to you instead of you getting on the floor to reach them, will make your life easier. Having access to all the contents on a shelf can also lower your grocery bill by not purchasing duplicates and not discarding outdated foods.

Whether it be a new kitchen, or simply updating your existing one, life can be easier, healthier and more economical by utilizing these kitchen remodeling ideas.